Tooth whitening may be the greatest single cosmetic improvement anyone can consider!  We offer four different types of professional whitening treatments in order to meet your individual needs. All our whitening procedures are safe and effective.

Some of the most common factors which lead to darkening and yellowing include:

  • The natural aging process
  • Staining from food and drink
  • Some medications

Tres White® take home whitening kit

A take home kit consisting of ten upper and ten lower pre-loaded trays which make it easy to apply professional-strength whitening strips to your teeth. Worn for 30 - 60 minutes per day, you will see pleasing results within ten days.


Custom Appliance Whitening

A technique in which we fabricate thin, custom appliances into which you will place a special whitening gel.  The appliance is then worn either overnight or in two 30 minute sessions during the day - the choice is yours.  Treatment time typically takes two to three weeks.  Maintenance of your result is ensured by using the appliances for one or two days every month.

Custom Appliance Whitening examples


In-Office Boost Whitening

An in-office technique where you come into the office and we do "the work" for you in one visit.  During your visit we will place a special liquid barrier over your gums for protection.  We then mix and apply a whitening gel to each tooth while you listen to music or relax.  Typically we will place either two or three applications of whitening gel and conclude with a protective fluoride treatment.  Once again, maintenance of your result is ensured by committing to easy monthly application of a whitening solution dispensed from a pen-like applicator.


Deep Bleaching

Our most impressive results occur with this technique.  Deep Bleaching can whiten even some of the darkest teeth and produces the most fade-resistant results.  Don't worry!  Your teeth will not look "too white"!  They will, however, look white and very clean.  This treatment requires a bit more time and effort from both you and us - but the results are worth it!

Special appliances are custom fabricated and are used to obtain a preliminary whitening result over two weeks.  You will then return to the office for a final in-office session lasting about one hour, during which we mix and place several applications of whitening gel to your teeth.  Maintenance of your result is ensured by using the supplied custom appliances several times per month.


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