We believe that you deserve the best.

That's why we keep current and stay creative.

There's always something new in contemporary dentistry - and we like to be among the first to know.

We're in touch with the nation's top dental thought leaders, contributing to and participating in the ongoing dialogue about innovations in the field.  We're big on continuing education - spending time with the leading-edge practitioners at the Pankey Institute and elsewhere.

We also require consistency and excellence from the network of laboratories, technicians, and specialists who partner with us in your care.

We use only the best materials, and we work hard to ensure that your care is seamless, efficient, and delivered with respect and compassion.

Precise, thoughtful scheduling make long waits a rarity in our office.  We're available via emergency phone when our patients need help.  And we're available on e-mail when they have questions.

Finally - and most importantly - we're always learning from our patients about ways that we can provide great dental care with energy, empathy,  and excellence.

We return the favor by giving you our very best.


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