We believe that a beautiful smile is a healthy smile.

A great smile happens when your teeth, gums, and occlusion (or "bite") are all in great shape.  Our focus is on all of the elements that combine to create your smile.

When we say that we practice restorative dentistry, we mean that we restore smiles to their healthiest possible state.

That might call for fillings or crowns to treat decay or broken teeth and to make your teeth as stable as possible.  It might require a night guard to protect your teeth from the effects of bruxing (or "grinding".)  Or orthodontic therapy - such as wireless Invisalign® or Clear Correct® treatment - may be needed to address the shifting of teeth, which can impact your occlusion.

When we say that we practice cosmetic dentistry, we mean that we do all of the above with our eye on the end result - deploying a variety of techniques to put the finishing touches on your smile.

And it means that we're with you ... addressing all of your dental needs over the long term.  Your best possible smile is our goal, and your total dental health is our priority.  Together, we'll do what it takes to keep your smile as healthy as it can be as it evolves over time.


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